"This planet has a problem, which is this: most of the people living on it are unhappy for pretty much all of the time"
as Douglas Adams
Interesting fact. Even if you do not specify what exactly does not suit us in our world, almost everyone answers affirmatively to the question whether you want to change our world.

Why? What we do not like in there so much? Let's try to figure it out a bit.
Thousands years of pigheaded human activity, a history of persistent "evolutionary" development, struggles, materialistic and technological progress, and the result in front of us still does not seem to be very promising; as said the author: "unhappy all of the time"

Why it happens? What is wrong with us and our world? Why, whatever we do, happiness does not come to the extent that we want it.

What kind of world would we like to see in place? What would it look like for me personally? And how suitable is my dream for others? This is a big topic that we need to think deeply about and thoroughly discuss. For there is really no clarity here either.

How many individuals out there on the various social networks do you think indicate "self-improvement" and "improvement of the world" as the main priorities in their lives? Millions!!! If so many people recognize this situation and want to change it for the better, then our goal must be to find an effective way to implement it.

The Light at the end of tunnel

What kind of energy do we need in life? How, when, and where do we get it? How to fix a relationship with a close and dear person?

How can we harmoniously combine the two opposites - the desire of man to material well-being and the desire to make our world a better, I must say, desire that is far from selfishness.

How this can be practically done will be discussed in our community and in our project - CTW-Initiative, where CTW means: Change The World.

If one hundred thousand of us, if millions wanted the same thing together – to improve our world and our life in it, then who and what can prevent us from achieving this goal?

This is an introduction from the e-book "I am Changing the World," which you will receive when we meet at a webinar dedicated to the development of our project. In it you will not find any recipes or instructions. Because the material requires a slow, thoughtful, consistent conversation - moving from simple concepts to deeper ones. The main question is how through our consciousness the world can be changed for the better.
There is an idea, and a powerful solution! Enlightenment has come from above! We will implement this idea in our project. This project is created for this purpose and I want to share it with you!
It is very important for us to know your opinion

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