Rost Zemlinsky

Inventor of the Automated Trading System – GICS

Author and Founder of the 

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Business-Systems Analyst by education and profession.
My professional activities are associated with the IT industry, specializing in consulting for large financial and other companies in Canada and United States. In capacity of System Business Analyst, analyzed markets, led the team, developed information systems.

A special area of my interest is creating complete automated trading systems – building trading models, optimizing trading robots, optimizing and diversifying a portfolio of automated strategies, monitoring and controlling a trading system operation, as well as risk management and performance evaluation.

I like sharing my knowledge and expertise.

My dream is to improve the world we live in, to help everyone to be happier and kinder. More than 30 years of study and deep analysis of the laws and structure of the Universe and the purpose of life drove me to the launching the global Initiative, which is the CTW-Initiative. On this path I count not only on your help, but also on the blessing from above. 

Please take a close look at “My Ventures” below.

Let's make our world better... together

Performance in Microsoft Auditorium, Toronto, Canada.

Work Experience

Holstein Association of Canada
Senior Developer / Business / Systems Analyst
Team Leader
Brantford, Canada
NY State Department of Environmental Conservation
Senior Business/Systems Analyst
Albany, NY, USA
CIBC – Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Wood Gundy, Wealth Management
Business/Systems Analyst
Toronto, Canada
Baxter International Inc.
Senior Business Analyst
Toronto, Canada
1996 ~
Author and Leader of the Educational Initiative
Toronto, Canada
1996 ~
2003 ~
Trading Systems Development
Toronto, Canada
2003 ~

Companies and Organizations

worked and cooperate

My Ventures

in area of trading systems development and sociocultural growth

Global Impact Capital System

Unique complete automated trading system built based on a proprietary trading strategy that enables to conduct medium frequency and short-term trading on global financial markets.

<< 3 minutes video-presentation.

CTW-Initiative: А Conceptual Overview

A global initiative to create an ecosystem to improve people’s lives, support teachers and change the educational paradigm.

Our goal is to improve key areas of human life, including family, well-being, health, human relationships and job satisfaction.

7:35 minutes video-presentation >>

CTW-Ecosystem - Top Level Structure

We are creating a unique, balanced and independent Ecosystem – a kind of virtual country with its own community, its own rules, a democratic governance mechanism, its own education system, its own currency, its own banks and production, and its own social program.

The CTW-Ecosystem is designed to bring value and benefit to all participants, regardless of their category.

<< 4 minutes video-presentation.